Molecule Brewing - Code of Conduct

Through our spaces, we aim to unify people regardless of gender, religion, race, ability, sexual orientation, age, or any other status for the love and interest in craft beer. We strive to create a space that holds inclusivity and equality at the top of our priority list. This policy applies to all individuals working at/or visiting our brewery.

At Molecule Brewing we commit to:

  • have zero tolerance for bias, racism, discrimination, harassment, and violence
  • ensure respect, fairness, and compassion within our workplace
  • make diversity a priority within our working relationships and partnerships
  • employe hiring practices that strive to dismantle diversity and inclusion barriers
  • be accountable in providing a safe space through transparent dialogue and internal assessments
  • commit resources to the constant work necessary to build a culture of respect and appreciation

If you feel another individual, employee or guest, is violating this policy we ask you to report this behaviour to